Steps of using FPS

You may now transfer funds to UOB Kay Hian from local banks instantly using FPS:

  1. Log in to your personal e-banking account
  2. Key in UOB Kay Hian FPS ID

    Product Type Currency Payee Name FPS ID
    Stocks HKD UOB KAY HIAN (HK) LTD 2664969
    CNY UOB KAY HIAN (HK) LTD 1439348
    Stock Options HKD UOB KAY HIAN (HK) LTD-O C 4102521
    Futures HKD UOB K H F (HK) LD- HKFE T 5021621
    CNY U K H F (H K) L-H T C A 1793421
  3. Key in the Amount and your UOB Kay Hian Account Number in the "Remarks" column (e.g.: 999996-001)

  4. Save a screenshot of your transaction details upon completion.

    For more details, please refer to the FPS User Guide.

Deposit Evidence

Clients who deposited via FPS ID of UOB Kay Hian and entered UOB Kay Hian Account Number on remark are not required to provide deposit confirmation.

  1. UOB Kay Hian’s FPS ID
  2. UOB Kay Hian Account Number under Remarks (e.g.: 999996-001)
  3. Depositing bank account name must be the exact same name as per your registered name with UOB Kay Hian

If you are using the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Asia) and CMB Wing Lung Bank to make your deposit, please provide a screenshot of your transaction details.

Please save a screenshot of the transaction details upon completion in the event a confirmation receipt is required for verification purposes.