Third Party Deposit/ Withdrawal

  • We no longer accept deposits in cash or any form of third-party deposits.
  • For fund deposit, client must present valid proofs in order for us to verify that the deposit was originated from client's own account. [Please refer to Deposit Guide for details]
  • For cheque deposit, client shall provide an image of the cheque showing the name(s) of client, together with the deposit receipt for verification purposes. If client is unable to provide image of the cheque, we shall retrieve such from the depository bank and HK$200 of the handling fee will be charged to client.
  • Insufficient proof of fund/cheque deposits will result in delay of fund to be credited to your trading account.
  • Rejected third-party deposits will be returned to their payment sources and all consequences or bank charges shall be solely borne by the client.
  • For client deposit made from jointly-owned bank account and one of the joint-owners is not our client, additional procedures will be applied.
  • For withdrawals of funds, we will not transfer funds to bank account bearing the name of a third party and will not issue cheques bearing a third-party payee name.