Order Placement

Order Rejection
Hong Kong and A-Shares Markets
Reasons for order rejection Description
Exceed trading limit The client's order will be rejected if there is an insufficient trading limit. For clients who wish to revise the trading limit, please contact your account executive.
Exceed maximum trading size The maximum trading size is 3,000 lots per order for trading HK Shares and 1 million shares for trading A Shares.
Short-sell order or Invalid stock holding Clients' account must have valid stock holdings before selling. UTRADE Online Trading Platform does not allow clients to short sell.
Confirm Price Warning The following prompt appears on trading platform if any deviation from 20 prices feed.
  1. Select Confirm from the "Confirm Price Warning" pop-up screen and continue to send to market.
  2. Select Confirm Price Warning and Order to confirm the order

    * According to HKEX, orders that deviate 24 spreads will be rejected after sending to the market. Some special cases will be excluded, for example, limited orders without specific prices. However, in all circumstances, the order shall not be made at a price that deviates 9 times or more from the nominal price. According to UOB credit rules, any order placed on UTRADE Web that deviates 4 times or more from the nominal price will be rejected.

US market order is not executed
(1) Order execution within day high / day low

In the fast-moving market, the time of input order could have possibly coincided with the time when the day's high / low was reached and the price was never hit again.

The price feed provided from trading system / information vendors are the prices for all exchanges. In addition, orders placed on UTRADE are only directed to the three major exchanges ie. NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. In some rare circumstances, if Day's High / Low are executed outside these three major exchanges, it could happen that the order price never reached the Day's High / Low quoted, and hence the Market Order was not successfully executed.

(2) Order submission is not available during the following period
  Trading Days Non-trading Days
Summer Time HKT 4:00am - 4:30am on trading days HKT 4:00am (Sat) - 4:00am (Mon); & US public holidays
Winter Time HKT 5:00am - 5:30am on trading days HKT 5:00am (Sat) - 5:00am (Mon); & US public holidays