1. Which are the exchanges that I can trade in for the US markets?

You can trade stocks which are listed on NYSE, NYSE ARCA, NYSE AMEX and NASDAQ.

2. What are the trading hours of the US markets?

The trading hours for NYSE, NYSE ARCA, NYSE AMEX and NASDAQ:
From Mondays to Fridays (except US Public holidays),
Summer (2nd Sunday of March to 1st Sunday of November): HKT 9:30pm - 4:00am
Winter (1st Sunday of November to 2nd Sunday of March): HKT 10:30pm - 5:00am

3. What are the time periods during which order submission is not available on the platform?

Orders submission is not available on the platform during these periods:
Summer time: HKT 4:00am - 4:30am on trading days, HKT 4:00am (Sat) - 4:00am (Mon), and US public holidays.
Winter time: HKT 5:00am - 5:30am on trading days, HKT 5:00am (Sat) - 5:00am (Mon), and US public holidays.

4. I have already opened an internet trading account. How can I have trading access to the US markets?

You may simply fill in the W-8BEN form and submit it to your Account Executive or mail to Client Services Department at:

UOB Kay Hian (Hong Kong) Limited
15/F, AON China Building,
29 Queens Road, Central,
Hong Kong.

The W-8BEN form refers to the Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner, and is required for non-US citizens and residents.

As this form expires at the end of the third succeeding calendar year, clients have to renew the form every three years.

1.US citizens and residents are restricted from trading in the US market through UOB Kay Hian (Hong Kong), due to NASD regulatory policy. Should your citizenship/residency change from non-US to US, you are required to notify us immediately and close your account.
2.Likewise, should your citizenship/residency change from one non-US country to another non-US country, you are required to resubmit the W-8BEN form.
3.Submission of the W-8BEN form does not exempt clients from the withholding tax imposed on dividends/interest.

5. How do I place orders for US stocks via UTRADE Web?

You can click “US – US Market” at the top left corner of the trading platform and place orders in the US markets. For details, please refer to “User Guide: US Trading – UTRADE Web”.

6. What is the settlement period for US stocks?

The settlement period is trade date plus three US business days. (T+3)

7. What is the board lot size for US stocks?

There is no board lot size for US Stocks. Investor can trade a minimum of 1 share per order.

8. Is margin trading available on UTRADE Web?

Yes. Margin trading is available on UTRADE Web. However, only HK marginable stocks can be used to finance the purchasing of US stocks. US stocks are not marginable at the moment.

9. Can I short-sell US stocks?

Short-selling of US stocks is not allowed via UTRADE Web.

10. Can I buy and sell the same US stocks on the same trading day?

Once your buy order has been executed, you can place a sell order at any time.

11. I have traded the same stock more than once on the same day. Will it be consolidated?

No, each fully executed order will not be consolidated and commissions are calculated separately.

12. Does UTRADE Web US stock trading support Pre-Market and the After Hours Market?

No, it does not support Pre-Market and After Hours Market.

13. How can I contact you during trading hours of the US markets?

You can reach us at (852) 2826 4888 from 9am to 1am on that day from Mondays to Fridays.

14. Why the market order was not successfully executed even the order price quoted was within the day high/low range?

A) In the fast-moving market, the time input the order could be already the time when the day high/low was reached. And the price was never hit again.
B) The price feed shown on both trading system/information vendors are showing prices for all exchanges. And orders placed on UTRADE are only directed to the three major exchanges ie. NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. In some rare circumstances, if Day High/Low are executed outsides these three major exchanges, it could happen that the order price never reached Day High/Low quoted, and hence the Market Order was not successfully executed.