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Date Time Topic Venue Speaker Fee Status
09/06/2022 7:00pm8:00pm [Webinar] Technical Analysis – Reversal Pattern ---- Ms. Joyce ChanTechnical Analyst, UOB Kay Hian (HK) Ltd Free Register Now Cancel
28/06/2022 7:00pm8:00pm [Webinar] How Technology Changes the Future: Investment Opportunities in ETF ---- Christy Siao ETF specialist , Samsung Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited Free Register Now Cancel

[Webinar] Technical Analysis – Reversal Pattern

How to grasp the buy or sell opportunity before a reverse market process occurs? By examining historical data, reversal patterns give you signals if a trend is turning on a dime. It helps analyze stock price movements, allowing you to capture opportunities and avoid missing any.

This technical analysis seminar will explain reversal patterns with actual examples; illuminate how to set up for trading and measure for cut loss level, and to look for the target price level, etc. This indicator helps you predict the reversal trend. Let us hold on patiently for striking a rebound!

[Webinar] How Technology Changes the Future: Investment Opportunities in ETF

5G, Metaverse, Electric Vehicle, blockchains, and cryptocurrencies are the hottest topics we are always talking about now. Nearly 80% of people believe that digital assets will be important to their industry in the next 24 months.However, the potential growth of future technology may be far from what we expected. For instance, the Metaverse market may reach $783.3 billion in 2024 with CAGR of 13.1% 2 and market size of the blockchain is even estimated to grow over 46x from 2021 to 2028. 3


Everything we think it is impossible to achieve before may come true with the help of advanced technology nowadays. Apart from the tech giants we are familiar with, there are many other companies contributed to shaping the future online space. In the webinar, you will know about how technology changes the world into an imaginary world and how we can capture the potential growth of future technology from investment prospective.


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