Earn potential returns from market growth and dividends. UTRADE connects you to the local and international markets including Hong Kong, Greater China and US equities markets, enabling you to manage your portfolio via online with support from our team of experienced professional financial advisors.

Benefits of Equities

Investment Gains

Stocks have one of the highest returns of any investment assets over the long term. Investing in the stock market gives your money more earning power as it represents one of the best ways to stay ahead of inflation and tap into a growing economy.

High Liquidity

Stocks can be easily bought or sold by most individual investors. Investors can trade stocks through a broker, a financial planner or do it themselves online using a sophisticated and robust platform like UTRADE.

Broad Diversification

By trading stocks, investors can adjust their investments in response to changes in the business cycle and their financial goals. Research has shown that diversification is the best way to achieve the highest returns with the lowest risks over time.

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