UTRADE Stock Options

Stock options is one of the prevalent derivatives products other than the underlying shares. It gives you the flexibility to capture investment opportunities under different market conditions, no matter quiet, bull or bear markets.

With UTRADE Stock Options, there are no more delayed trades and missing of best prices as it empowers you to make swift online trades of HK stock options via the web trading platform.

Key Features

Real-time Price Quotes

Get the real-time price quotes to trade like a professional. You will be able to react to your strike price, stop-loss target or take profits at a previously defined level.

Detailed Price Depths

It provides detailed price depths which assist you to make informed investment decisions.

Several of Order Types

A range of HK stock options order types is of your choice, ranging from "Fill and Kill", "Fill or Kill", "Today" to "Date".

Keep Watch on Your Order Status On-the-go

Keep an eye on the latest stock options order details, order status, and trading fee anytime.

Round-the-Clock Trading Support

Available to resolve your trading enquires 24-hour on every trading day.