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1. What are the trading hours of the Hong Kong Exchange?

2. Which are the exchanges that I can trade in for the US markets?

3. What are the trading hours of the US markets?

4. What are the time periods during which order submission is not available on the US trading platform?

Order Submission

1. What kind of orders are available?

2. What are the bid sizes for HK shares?

3. Can I place a buy order if it exceeds my trading limit?

4. Is there a maximum trading size per order trading via UTRADE Web?

5. Why is my order with over 3000 lots rejected by the system?

6. Can I place a short-sell through UTRADE Online Trading Platform?

7. Can I use the proceeds of a sell order immediately to buy other shares?

8. Can I place an order for the next trading day when the market is closed?

9. Can I sell odd lots of shares through UTRADE Online Trading Platform?

10. What happens if I want to amend an order that I had placed earlier through UTRADE Online Trading Platform?

11. Can I withdraw or amend my Internet orders via my Account Executive?

12. What happens to my orders that are not done by the end of the trading day?

13. How do I place orders for US stocks via UTRADE Web?

14. What is the board lot size for US stocks?

15. Can I buy and sell the same US stocks on the same trading day?

16. Is margin trading available on UTRADE Web?

17. Can I short-sell US stocks?

18. Does UTRADE Web US stock trading support Pre-Market and the After Hours Market?

19. How can I contact you during trading hours of the US markets?

20. Is there any order quantity limit for buying or selling US stocks?

Trading Charges

1. What are the trading charges charged by UOB Kay Hian (Hong Kong)?

Market Data

1. Which kinds of market data quotes are available?

2. How do I apply for "Real Time Streaming Quotes"?

3. Is there a waiver for Real Time Streaming Quotes fee?

4. How do I apply for US stocks real time streaming quotes?

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