Important Notices


[HKG Market] Notice of Amendment of Stamp Duty of Hong Kong Stocks Transactions (With effect from 17 November 2023)

With effect from 17 November 2023, Stamp Duty of Hong Kong Stocks will be adjusted from 0.13% to 0.10% (roundup to dollar).


Item Existing Fee New Fee

Stamp Duty


(roundup to dollar)


(roundup to dollar)


Thank you for your attention. 


[US Market] Financial Transaction Tax Charged by Other Foreign Jurisdictions

Dear All,

Relevant securities transactions executed with the US stock exchange and US OTC market on shares issued by companies incorporated in other foreign jurisdictions and their related derivative products are subject to financial transaction tax <FTT> charged by their home tax authorities (e.g. **France 30bps on purchase , **Italy 10pbs on purchase, **Spain 20bps on purchase & **Greece 20bps on Sales). Relating transaction tax will be debited from the clients’ securities account once levied by the execution brokers. Investors are advised to consult their tax advisors.

**rate is subject to change, we will not notify in advance.