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GTD (Good Till Date) order is now available on UTRADE for HK and US markets. Instead of repeatedly placing the same order each day, a GTD order can remain in the trading system until it is fully executed, cancelled or rejected till the predetermined expiry date. Even if your order is partially executed, the system will automatically help to place the remaining quantities with the same setting the next day. This improved trading experience will save you from constantly monitoring your orders.

GTD Order Features:

  • Available on UTRADE Web
  • Support trading in HK and US Markets
  • Valid for up to 14 calendar days
  • Automatically places the remaining quantities on the next trading day, until the order is fully executed, cancelled or rejected on or before the predetermined expiry date that is set by you
  • A GTD icon with expiry date would be shown on the trade history as a reminder


  1. The GTD order will be cancelled automatically without any notification if there are not enough funds or stock holdings in client's portfolio on/before the expiry date.
  2. All Rejected and Expired GTD orders will be automatically cancelled without any notification. Clients should pay attention to the order status/expiry date.
  3. GTD orders will not be affected by any corporate actions from the stock-issuing company, including but not limited to stock consolidation or split. The instructions (including but not limited to the quantity and price) of the GTD order will remain valid till the expiry date. Clients should closely monitor the status and any relevant information.
  4. The maximum validity for the GTD order is 14 calendar days, which will commence from the day after the GTD order was placed, based on HK Time.
  5. The unfulfilled quantity of a valid GTD order will be carried forward to the next trading day.

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